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About us:
National Plumbing Tradesmen LLC set forth with one goal in mind, to create a plumbing contractor company with real plumbers at the helm. Collaborating with a group of licensed tradesmen, an idea began to take form. We can utilize our skills and experience to raise the bar and we should do so nationwide. The owners began to get professional licensing throughout the country seeking only like-minded individuals along the way to build a reliable team formulating relationships with the IAMPO, ICC and PHCC. While demonstrating our craft with elevated capabilities and networking with plumbers and organizations across the country, we have extended our reach from coast to coast. “We have come so far and our journey is just beginning”. NPT is now a pinnacle representative of the plumbing trade with operations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Tennessee and Michigan. Being fully licensed to move about the country awards us the freedom to deliver confidence, professionalism and experience to all of our customers.

Lucas Who Teaches You How to Do Plumbing

Boilers, Camera Locate, City Pump Systems and Lift Stations,
Drain Cleaning, DWV copper/gas installation, Excavating, Estimates, Fire
Sprinkler Repairs and Installs, Gas Lines, Solar, Gas and Electrical Water Heater
Repairs/Replacement, Heavy Machinery, New Construction,
Pipe Splicing/Pipe Bursting, Re-bathtub Lining, Regularly Use high pressure Jetting machines, Re-pipe,
Sump Pumps, Plans examiner, and deployment of advanced systems
Trenchless Lining Technology, Warranty Work, Low voltage controls , commercial Plumbing Inspector.

Lucas is a Plumber Who Will Teach You How to DIY

When you are faced with a plumbing emergency, it would be much better to video chat with Lucas to learn how to fix it properly.

Lucas is The Solution to Your DIY Plumbing Repair

Member of the IAMPO, ICC, PHCC and ASME.

Lucas is a Licensed Plumber

Lucas Teaches You How to Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

First and foremost, Lucas provides tailored diagnostic and repair instructions specific to your plumbing problem while how to videos offer generic solutions that may not suit specific situations.

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Check reviews of Lucas before you throw in the towel on fixing your plumbing problem.