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"Very knowledgable, much faster than waiting for someone to drive out."
"Super helpful!"
—Josh Pigford client
"Jeff knew how to help me almost immediately! He sent me links for where to buy the right part I needed and was available for follow-up questions. Can't ask for a better experience!"
—Greta Nicolosi client
"Jeff is very knowledgeable about appliances."
"Jeff did great job had me educated fast."
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—Zack Buck client
"Very knowledgeable and efficient "
—Caleb Damschroder client
—Zachary Buck client
"Jeff is reliable and shows up to answer your questions."
—Jason Bauder client
"Knowledgeable, professional and very helpful. "
—Blake Lieberman client
"Smart guy."
—Brent Burns client
"He was very helpful"
—Samuel Schnapp
"Always does his best"
—Sam Schnapp
"He was great!"
—Joe Palazzo
"Jeff is AWESOME!! knows his stuff and helps you get the job done fast and right. I've used him a few times now and will again."
—Joe Palazzo
"Jeff is knowledgeable and patient. He’s also careful to make sure that safety is addressed. "
—David Putney
"Nice guy, seemed very knowledgeable "
—Brandon Boots
"Perfect experience!"
—Charles Praigg
"Very clear and helpful. Also flexible - had no problem taking a call within the hour"
—Chris McAloney
"Great Help, Thank You"
—Jason Bauder
"Great info, I would surely recommend and use Jeff again."
—Jaiye MOORE
"Super helpful, gave me next steps to help get my project done"
—Barnett Klane client
"Excellent advice!!! "
—Frankie Paull client
"Super helpful and nice guy. Helped me figure out what was going on and took the time to help me do things the right way. Highly recommended."
—Preston Allred client
"Excellent service"
—Eric Sanchez client
"Very helpful "
—Stephen Hardy client
"Great service quick and efficient. Do your homework so as not to waste your time and theirs. I wish all my DIY projects "
—Michael Truppo client
"Words can not describe how helpful Jeff was. I work all day so the only time I’m free is at night. Jeff worked with me from 9:45pm all up until 1:30am to help me wire up my new pool pump, salt cell system, Intermatic timer, & my sub panel. Everything works amazingly, I could not have done it without Jeff. Thank you VideoChatAPro for providing this convenient platform connecting people like me to professionals."
—Tony Son client
"Very helpful, great service"
—Clay Erbes client
"Great guy. Quick thoughtful answers!"
—Mark Schaaf client
"More than helpful, walked me thru the steps I needed to take. Made the complex simple! "
—Collin Walker client
"Very helpful!"
—Frederic Greenbaum client
"Very helpful guy!"
—Ashish N client
"Amazing service!!"
"An amazing way to learn new things while at the same time, help people safely repair or install without the need of bringing strangers into your home. And FUN!!!!!"
"Robin was clear, patient, and very helpful with my electrical issue. "
"Excellent service, kind and inquisitive. Would love to work with him again!"
"I needed some help to feel confident in my wiring of a GFCI outlet in my kitchen with proper downstream protection and replacing my hardwired garbage disposal with an outlet. This was my first time using Video Chat A Pro and thanks to both the service, and Robin, I had an extremely positive experience. Robin walked me through exactly what to do, without wasting any time, and most importantly – helped answer all my questions so that I felt comfortable enough to do the job on my own next time. It was exactly what I hoped for."
"No shock here!! Another happy customer :)"
—James Leduc client
"Great info, very helpful!"
—Daniel Rubinstein
—Zabe Jamshidi
—Andrew Appleby
"Nice guy. Good help"
—Ray Valadez
"Great help!"
—Nick Duffield client
"Handle the issue I was having with a light fixture, and answered a question I had about why there was still electricity in the wires even through power was off, ensured me that it was nothing to worry about. "
—Carey Lucas
"Very knowledgeable and helpful. Got what I needed in an efficient timeframe "
—Brian Downs client
"When there was enough reception to hear what he was saying, he was very helpful. However, I couldn't hear what he said half the time because of poor cell service or something. "
—Charlotte De Keyrel client
"Dang! Thanks Josh, I’ll call you another time should I need some more help on that. Your awesome."
—Zack Buck client
"Franklyn shows up to answer your electrical repair questions."
—Jason Bauder client
"Incredibly helpful and patient as I (with basically zero experience) worked my way through a weird wiring situation as I installed two new switches (light and fan control for my bathroom). Highly recommend! Thank you so much! "
—Charlotte De Keyrel client