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Appliance Repair with Jeff

I am Jeff, an expert home maintenance guru in Holiday, Florida who is a certified appliance repairman, licensed plumber, and licensed electrician all rolled into one. I am a professional who is dedicated to teaching you how to troubleshoot and fix your home appliance or electrical problem today.

As a certified appliance repair technician, I possess an understanding of household appliance problems, from refrigerators and washing machines to ovens and dishwashers. I can teach you to diagnose the problem fast right now.

As a licensed electrician, I am capable of teaching you how to fix your electrical problems. Book now to learn how to troubleshoot faulty wiring or to install a new light fixture, I can teach you how to do it properly.

Appliance Repair Service from Jeff

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Replace Breakers
Repair Refrigerators
Replace Oven Plug
Install Stove Plug
Convert Gas Stove to Propane
Convert Gas Dryer to Propane
Install Ceiling Fans
Wire 2-way Switches
Wire 3-way Switches
Wire 4-way Switches
Remove Refrigerator Handle
Install Dishwasher
Install Water Filter

Dryer Repair with Jeff

Learning how to fix your appliance from Jeff is better than watching a video

Appliance Repair for all Types and Brands with Jeff

Common appliance repairs are an inevitable part of home ownership. Refrigerators often demand attention for issues like faulty thermostats or compressor problems, affecting temperature control. Washing machines may face drainage clogs or malfunctioning pumps, disrupting the laundry routine. Ovens might exhibit uneven heating or malfunctioning igniters, impacting cooking precision. Dishwashers frequently encounter problems such as clogged filters or malfunctioning motors, hindering efficient dish cleaning. Dryers might suffer from heating element malfunctions or vent blockages, affecting drying performance. Regular maintenance and swift attention to these common issues can ensure appliances function seamlessly, extending their lifespan and preventing costly replacements.

Book now to learn how to repair your appliances, I am familiar with most major appliance brands.


I have fixed many different home electrical problems throughout my 35-plus years as an electrician.

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Faulty GFCI
Arc Fault Breaker Outlets
Tripped Circuit Breakers
Bad Circuit Breakers
Flickering Lights
Dead Outlets
Faulty Light Switches
Buzzing Sounds
Overloaded Circuits
Outdated Wiring

Jeff is an Appliance Repair Expert
Washing Machine Repair with Jeff

Instead of sifting through countless video tutorials that might leave you scratching your head, consider the benefits of a video chat consultation with Jeff, a seasoned appliance repair technician.

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