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Eddie Mendoza

HVAC Repair with Eddie

Air Conditioning Repair with Eddie

I've specialized in HVAC for the past 39 yrs. Working in the field , as an instructor , and technical advisor for Air Conditioning Companies. I'm very skilled at communicating and explaining to understand the task at hand.

Air Conditioner Fix with Eddie

Fixing your air conditioner problem with guidance from an experienced HVAC technician like Eddie trumps watching videos for several logical reasons.

Air Conditioning Installation or Repair with Eddie

Residential Split AC Systems , Straight Cool , Heat pump and Gas Furnace systems. I specialize in the Goodman , Amana , and Daikin line of equipment , but have worked on and very capable and resourceful to advise on any other brand.

Furnace Repair with Eddie

Guidance from Eddie is just flat-out better than watching how to repair videos!

Check Reviews of an AC Fix with Eddie

Check reviews of Eddie before throwing in the towel on fixing the AC fix yourself