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Auto Repair with Mike

High end automotive technician with over 25 years in one location. Owner of a south Florida shop over 8 years. 5 star rating from my customer base. Willing to explain how systems work so you will have a better knowledge of what your fixing. Knowledge is
power! I am more than wiling to share my extensive knowledge with you.

Mike is a Mechanic

Electrical. Engine performance. Engine mechanical. Cooling systems. Brakes and abs. Power steering. A/c and heating. Code diagnostics. Window and wiper systems. Computer diagnostics. Transmission diagnostic.

Brake Repair with Mike

Mike possesses a depth of knowledge and hands-on experience that goes beyond the surface-level explanations often found from watching a video.

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Mike is an Auto Repair Mechanic
Mobile Mechanic with Mike

Consulting with Mike makes roadside auto repairs more manageable, similar to having a mobile mechanic at your disposal.

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Before abandoning your auto repair check reviews of Mike.