• Aaron Giddings * 

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    License: Mechanics, D691246, OR

    Description: 20 years of professional experience. Understanding and professional. Adaptable in any predicament. Very descriptive and concise. Worked on all brands. Currently lead tech ... Read more

    $2.33 per minute

  • Mike Gutmaker * 

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    License: HVACs, 2710060304, VA
    HVACs, EPA Universal CFC, VA
    HVACs, Navien Tankless Water Heater Factory Certified Technician, VA
    HVACs, 2710060304, VA
    HVACs, EPA Universal CFC, VA
    HVACs, Navien Tankless Water Heater Factory Certified Technician, VA

    Description: Hello, I'm Mike Gutmaker and I believe that happiness is in the heart of helping others. So naturally, I'm really excited about the opportunity to help you solve your ... Read more

    $2.33 per minute

  • Josh Owens  * 

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    License: Plumbers, MPL-41242, Texas

    Description: I am a licensed master plumber in Texas with 18 years experience In all phases of plumbing from new construction to service and repairs. I am a craftsman and very ... Read more

    $3.66 per minute

  • Rick  * 

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    License: Plumbers, 10761, Md

    Description: Plumbing is my specialty, I have performed many types of plumbing repairs over the years. Learn plumbing repair from the plumbing pro to make less trips to the hardware ... Read more

    $1.66 per minute

  • Mike Chrisman * 

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    License: HVACs, 1538590, ARKANSAS

    Description: I have been an HVAC repair technician for 16 years and would like to share my knowledge with others

    $1.66 per minute

  • Austin Bowlin * 

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    License: Mechanics, UR768940, Ohio

    Description: I worked in and still do at Voss Chevy alongside a worldclass tech everyday for a year. I have diag. and repaired vehicles. i perform multi point inspections offering ... Read more

    $1.66 per minute

  • Chris papulis * 

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    License: Plumbers, Mpl 10726, Massachusetts

    Description: Certified licensed plumbing vocational educator

    $3.00 per minute

  • Marcus Roberts  * 

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    License: Mechanics, Tennessee

    $1.66 per minute

  • Bob Abbaspour  * 

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    License: Mechanics, CT

    $2.33 per minute

  • Jeff * 

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    License: Appliances, Certified, Florida
    Electricians, 34EI01223200, New Jersey

    Description: I can help you troubleshoot your appliance repair and provide project specific appliance repair training. I will instruct you to successfully completion of your appliance ... Read more

    $3.66 per minute

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